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20-14 Hindsight

30 Dec 2014

Another year, another review. 2014 went by way too quick! Last year I discovered more of the world and more about myself - what I enjoy, what I excel at, what I’m bad at. This year, I embraced those discoveries and pushed my bounds and comfort zones further.

I spent more time thinking about the things that are important to me - improving myself and my relationship with others (topic for future posts). And I spent significantly less effort worrying about needless things.

Not getting internet karma didn’t bother me anymore. Criticism didn’t hurt as much as it used to. Rejections didn’t prevent me from continuing along. And in general I didn’t overthink nearly as much as I did before. I realized most people are driven by their own self-interest — there’s no need to take things personally or to analyze every little detail of what something could have meant.

More of my time went into being with friends. Living more in the present and building deeper connections. I’ve said it a thousand times already, but I really am grateful for the support and positivity of the amazing people around me. With them around, I feel like I can take on anything, overcome any obstacles.

And with that said, here’s some memories from the year. Most of the photos are stolen from my wonderful photographer friends, as I did a poor job of documenting this year (one of the downsides of living in the moment more / not being as attached to my phone). May it trigger some nostalgia for those I shared the memories with!

Last year I proclaimed 2013 would be hard to top. This year undoubtedly did just that. Sure, the magnitude of the epic wasn’t any greater — that indeed was tough to beat — but I’d say the depth of friendships from this year was the icing on the cake. Hopefully the good vibes continue as I enter real adult life in 2015. Happy holidays everyone!

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