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Mar 2017

Place: An incomprehensible roundabout in the Amar Colony

Driving in India is next level. The road is shared by cars, bikes, tuk tuks, rickshaws, people, cows, dogs, you name it. Right of way is given to whoever is the most aggressive. Honking is used to signal all sorts of things, you pretty much hear it non-stop. Stop lights, lane markings, one ways are all just suggestions. If someone moves into your lane to avoid someone slow in their lane, you just honk and start moving into the lane next to yours, and sometimes this creates a chain reaction.

Food: Tandoori momos

A Chinese-Indian fusion food. Tandoori chicken wrapped in a dumpling, deep fried and smothered in “manchurian gravy”. Chinese-Indian fusions are actually quite common here! Chow mein samosas, paneer fried rice and chop sueys, etc etc.

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