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Apr 2017

Place: “Be Kind To Animals The Moon” Vegetarian Restaurant in Bagan

More of our friends came to join us!! Along with friends comes an upgrade in camera tech har har.

We met up with them in Bagan, one of the highest concentrations of pagodas per capita. If you climb up one of the taller ones, you just see a 360 view of other pagodas all around you. Absolutely stunning at sunrise / sunset.

Here we rented scooters and basically formed a bike gain, going from pagoda to pagoda. And at night we chilled in (one of) the pools of our cheap yet luxurious hotel. Pretty much as far away removed as possible from the life we were living in India.

Food: Vegetable Curry

I wish I remembered more about the dishes we had here since they were all really good, but alas, friends made me forget about food :(

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