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Apr 2017

Place: Border at Dauki

Mufasa: Look Simba, everything the sea level touches is our kingdom, Bangladesh.
Simba: Everything the sea level touches… but what about the mountains in the distance?
Mufasa: That’s beyond our borders, it’s India. You must never go there!

So yeah, the border is hilariously drawn here and you can easily just walk over to Bangladesh, no border crossing or anything. We wanted to walk as far as we could until we got accosted by customs, but it never happened. We reached an actual street where you could take a bus to the big cities and decided there was no more potential risk and turned back.

Many locals wanted photos with us! Guessing not many yellow fellows come this way. Here we felt like I’m guessing how white tourists feel anywhere in Asia they go.

Food: Radioactive-looking Mountain Dew

Taste-wise it was just normal Mountain Dew, but acquiring the bottle was quite the experience. Since we were in Bangladesh, the shop owner wanted their own currency, takas. I only had rupees on me as we had literally just crossed over and I didn’t know the conversion rate, but I knew usually a bottle was about 20 rupees. I tried asking how much it was, but couldn’t understand Bengali so I just put 10 rupees in his hand. He kept his hand out and spoke fast Bengali, so I handed him another 10. His reaction didn’t change, and I figured maybe because of conversion fees he wanted more, so I gave him a third. Still he remained steadfast so I reached for a fourth, when Tommy stopped me. He was bewildered by this exchange. He tried hand gesturing to the shop owner to figure out the exact cost, and the shop owner just pocketed the 30 and waved us off instead. I still don’t know what exactly happened there.

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