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May 2017

Place: Kumjung

One more day from the bottom! Finally got another hot shower after a week. As you go higher up, things get more expensive and less amenities are available. If you plan to do the hike, budget about $25 per day for food and lodging. Expect to not have much. Definitely appreciated a lot of things that were taken for granted before.

Food: Dal Bhat “Dal Bhat power, 24 hour” is a common slogan on the trek. If you order this, most places give you free refills. Best source of energy after long days of hiking.

What the dish is is a lentil curry, but it always came with other delicious vegetarian side dishes and a mountain of rice that pairs so well.

We only ever got this whenever we felt we earned it from intense hiking, and boy was it delicious when we’ve earned it.

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