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Mar 2017

Place: Barbeque Nation in New Delhi

By far one of the nicest places we’ve eaten at in Delhi - clean, healthy, high quality, large variety. The staff even did a dance in the middle of dinner for entertainment.

Tommy’s friend’s cousin graciously took us here, as well as showed us their home at our request. We’ve seen a lot of poverty here and were curious what life is like on the other end of the spectrum. We’d previously heard that it doesn’t take much money to get a lot here – it’s pretty common for even middle class folks to have servants. As part of the upper class they had 25 servants (cook, driver, gardeners, guards, etc), a volleyball field, swimming pool, cricket field, vegetable garden, houses for the servants, and much much more.

To them I was a complete stranger, yet I was treated with the warmest of care. I’m extremely thankful they let me tag along for the ride, and for all the enlightening conversation!

Food: Kulfi

The Indian version of ice cream. It’s supposed to be creamier and denser. The green stuff on it are fennel seeds, not sure what all the red stuff was. The toppings gave it a kind of minty taste.

We’d seen this on the street before but were hesitant to eat it because of all we’d heard about the sanitation of the water. This place seemed trustworthy though, and it was indeed quite delicious.

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