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Mar 2017

Place: Spice Paradise (again)

Pictured is Rekha, her husband Anil, and the other wonderful people from our class.

We had wanted to learn a curry and didn’t get a chance to the previous night since it had already gotten quite late and we were too stuffed, so Rekha invited us back the next morning to learn it! Also, she wanted to learn how to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday, but they don’t have an oven (very common to not have one in homes here), so I taught her to make Estonian cookie cake :D They seemed to like it a lot, and later in a text she sent to Ivana, she referred to me as “cake man”. Couldn’t be happier with that moniker.

They’d given us so much so we wanted to try and help more however we could. We ended up optimizing their Tripadvisor page, look for a swimming coach for their daughter online, and took a look at what could be improved on their website, which was set up for them by a different customer a couple years back. Funnily, looking at the whoami, that customer was also from San Francisco. I guess all we techies can do is offer computer help.

Food: Estonian Cookie Cake

A cake that takes just 10 minutes to make and requires no baking! Traditional Indian ingredients in the home were enough to make a modified version of it – instead of graham crackers, Parle G. Instead of sour cream, fresh cream. The chocolate glaze was some nutty local one, and we infused the dipping milk with chai.

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