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Apr 2017

Place: Su Kumari Island

The island in Sundarban that we stayed on. We lived in one of these huts and swam / bathed in the lake. Everyday we boated off into the bay in search of Bengal tigers. Unfortunately we didn’t spot a single one during our escapades. Fortunately we at least saw a massive water monitor lizard once, and got to spend most of the days bonding with the coolest Germans and locals! We learned so much from all of them, about their cultures and of course their card games. Also a surprise mud fight ensued at one point and at night we got to hunt for crabs in the smaller bioluminescent channels.

Food: Aloe Vera

Fresh cut from the plant. I got the craziest sunburn after falling asleep on the bow of the boat in the middle of the day. Every day after it somehow looked worse and worse, the culmination of which actually looked like first degree burns mixed with some sort of zombie infection. This stuff was immensely helpful… and now I finally learned to start applying sunscreen.

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