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Apr 2017

Place: Top of some waterfall

After telling our homestay host, Hep, about how we’re chasing root bridges, he and his uncle ended up taking us on a very local tour to some of the hidden ones, and other cool sights like this waterfall, with absolutely no one else there. We ate food with our hands like the locals do, showered upstream of a waterfall, and saw some epic nature. By far one of the coolest “tours” we’d done. If you visit Mawlynnong, would highly recommend Sky View Homestay!

Food: Soh rym dong

Another exotic Meghalaya fruit with no English name. You only eat the peel of this one, the inside is too bitter to consume. Along the trail we found all sorts of exotic fruits, and you can just pluck them off and eat them. They belong to other villagers, but there’s an agreement (don’t know if implicit or explicit) that casually eating some is fair game, anyone can do the same to anyone else’s.

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