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Cacio e Pepe

01 Nov 2018

What happened?

Made cacio e pepe with pre-ground pecorino, fresh whole peppercorn, and fresh spaghetti. First made the spaghetti, making sure to salt the water properly. Then ground + roasted the peppercorn, added in pasta water, added in pasta, mixed pasta water with pecorino, then mixed that in as well.

What learned?

Don’t salt water as much as you would regular pasta water. Normally salted pasta water infuses pasta with enough saltiness, but here we’re using a lot of the water itself, so it imparts too much saltiness if salted the same as normal.

Don’t add too much water to the sauce. About ½ cup total. Add more peppers. Crushed with knife is good size.

Sauce wasn’t thick enough. Pasta was over cooked since after taking off heat kept cooking and also cooked in sauce. Should way under cook in water.

To learn

Try with dry spaghetti. Might make more sense for this since we need the longer cook time. Or hand make fresh spaghetti + dry it.

How do we serve the dish hot without having it be over cooked?

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