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Meal Prep

04 Jun 2018

What happened?

New attempts:

Beets! Half of batch pre-salted and half not. Both had half pre-cut into slices and half left whole. Wrapped in foil and baked with the chicken

Tried and true:

Chicken breast brined overnight, baked at 450F

When I pulled out the chicken, it was registering 140F on the thermometer, but I got lazy so I just packed it as is, figured microwaving would fix it. Turns out that is not the case – even after microwaving it tasted rubbery. Completely inedible.

I baked the rest a second time the next day, this time to 160F, but now the chicken tasted hard and leathery. Turns out you can’t re-bake chicken to attempt same results.

The beets did not taste that great and were a bit much in such large quantities (each meal I had ~2 whole beets), and some of them were bitter. Also it made everything that exited my body turn red.

What went well?

Ended up trying many different experiments in this one batch

What could go better?

Basically everything.

  • Cook chicken right the first time
  • Mark which beets were in which batch. Some of the ones I ate were bitter but I couldn’t tell which it was from so I don’t have a clear conclusion
  • Mix beets with something else instead of just serving it as is. It’s too much on its own for a meal

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