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Chicken Stock

13 Jun 2018

What happened?

New attempts:

  • added kombu (1 pack of 50g) straight into simmering pot
  • used wings (3 lb) + leftover chicken scraps from previous cooking

Tried and true steps:

  • standard aromatics diced - 3 onions, 6 stalks celery, 6 carrots, 1 bunch parsley
  • ~6 quarts water
  • threw everything in, let it boil, then brought down to a simmer for 2 hours, left to cool overnight

What went well?

  • incredibly umami! kombu is a great add for sure. you can taste it distinctly (not sure if that’s good actually), but it doesn’t overpower the chicken
  • stock was lightly colored, much better than using sautéed aromatics
  • didn’t salt until consumption, was able to get it perfectly seasoned
  • I had lots of ziplocks on hand, was able to freeze most of it for prolonged use - writing the date on the bags is a great idea I’m finding

What could go better?

  • tried following recipe that was 1 lb meat per 1 quart water, but because I used a lot of scraps, it was hard to tell the exact weight. should get it more precise next time to find best ratio
  • still don’t have a good understanding of what ratio of ingredients is ideal
  • can’t really tell what the aromatics add. should try making small batches each without one of the aromatics, see how the flavor differs
  • still don’t really understand kombu how much should I use
  • is it necessary to soak it first
  • is it bad to throw directly into hot water
  • Rodney Wages told us for his burnt onion soup he uses kombu in the stock (like I did this time) instead of what we tried last time of soaking kombu in stock - what difference does that make?

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