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Mar 2017

Place: Jaipur

The biggest city in Rajasthan. Felt more similar to Delhi than the other places we’d been in Rajasthan. My main memory here was just getting food poisoning and going to the bathroom every hour for two days straight. We’d been warned by pretty much everyone that came to India prior about the food and we’d been pretty careful with not drinking the tap water, not getting ice in anything, and eating at cleaner places, but guess it was bound to happen anyways.

Fun fact about Indian toilets - most of the western ones have toilet paper, but Indian style ones are squat toilets with a bucket / faucet next to them and instead of toilet paper you’re supposed to use your hand like a bidet to clean up. They find the concept of leaving any fecal matter left on themselves grosser, while we find the concept of touching any poop with our hands so. Took me some getting used to for sure.

Food: “Rice Soup”

Since I couldn’t really stomach any food, Tommy asked our homestay’s chef to make me something like congee. I don’t know how he described it to them but it turned out quite successful!

The rice looks to be the same as poha, the beaten / flattened rice. And I think they just made it with extra water. Tasted exactly like what my stomach could handle, and on the bill they called it “Rice Soup”, at a price of 50 rupees (< $1).

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