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Mar 2017

Place: Toorji Ka Jhalara Step Well

Step wells were common 400 years ago for fetching fresh water for daily use. Water collects at the bottom from rain and you take the steps down to reach it. Some go really deep and have epic / intricate steps. What’s particularly interesting about this one is the locals in the area are trying to “breathe new life” back into it. Within the vicinity there’s 1930 Jodhpur art deco and in the back you can see construction for new chic, hipster restaurants / shops. The place we ate at was part of this whole movement, using locally grown organic ingredients and such.

Food: Chicken Burger

Since beef isn’t sold in most of India because of Hinduism, chicken burger is the common one for burger joints. This one wasn’t anything amazing in particular, but I found the fries amusing. There were < 10 fries, the most paltry side of fries I’d seen, and each one was perfectly golden. Almost seemed like they hand fried each one individually or something.

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