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Mar 2017

Place: Kolkata

We had a fiasco at the post office when we first arrived and it set the mood for the rest of our time here. The pace of life in India has generally been way slower than what we’re used to from living in North America. They have a phrase for living like this - “aram se”. Means chill, relax. Everyone is all the time aram se.

We’d started getting used to this. Our servers taking 30 minutes to bring us the bill after we asked for it. Food taking an hour to cook at restaurants.

Trying to ship a package at the post office ended up taking an hour and a half though, with many steps of one person redirecting to another. This was past our limit of aram se. We pretty much did not see Kolkata after that and instead planned how we could spend our remaining 3 days elsewhere nearby instead.

Food: Tonkatsu Miso Ramen

Ate it before I took the photo… Oops

First and only Japanese restaurant in all of India we’ve seen! Couldn’t resist eating here given how much I love Japanese food. Overall the soup was quite authentic, but the noodles didn’t have the chewy texture.

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