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Mar 2017

Place: Paranthe wali Gali

Literally means narrow street of paratha shops. There’ve been 6 generations of people since the 1800s selling them here. Indeed the streets were incredibly narrow, and yet there’s still carts carrying giant boxes and motorcycles going through them. Navigating takes your full attention. You have to watch out that someone’s giant box above their head doesn’t hit you from the top. That there isn’t a sleeping dog below you. That a bike zipping by doesn’t hit you from the side.

Food: Paratha

The outside is made from unrefined wheat and the inside is stuffed with all sorts of goodies. We had ones filled with potato, paneer, banana, lady fingers (okra), papad. In the shops it’s deep fried, but when made at home it’s usually pan fried. The sides were pretty much the standard ones, along with a banana and tamarind sauce that had a tangy sweetness to it.

Several places we’d been give you unlimited sides and just charge for the main course (paratha in this case).

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