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Mar 2017

Place: Bangla Sahib Gurudwara (Sikh temple)

Sikhism makes up only 1.5% of the Indian population’s religion, mostly in the Punjab region. I found it to be particularly interesting. The core beliefs include equality (no caste system and women are equal with men), brotherhood (providing love and services to humanity), and tolerance. It tries to teach “hope and optimism” and “how to lead a worthy and useful life”. You reach God by living an honest living. Seems like a very practical and kind religion, which we witnessed plenty of through our interactions with Sikhs.

I’m guessing the other religions try to teach good values of their own. Hoping to learn more about Hinduism and Islam through visits to other temples and seeing the similarities / differences.

Food: Karah Parshad

A sweet pudding-like treat made of equal parts flour, sugar, and butter. Those ingredients are enough to provide basic sustenance and is soft enough that even the elderly and kids can eat it. People can choose to buy it at the door and donate it to the big stash, which is then given to anyone that wants some for free. To get some, you go to the stash, receive it with both hands, then eat it out of your hands.

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