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Baguette and Focaccia

05 Jan 2020

Breads can actually be quite simple. Ciabatta is 80% hydration, baguette is 65%. Both are just flour, water, salt, yeast! That’s all the ingredients!

Recipe I used for baguette: https://stellaculinary.com/recipes/baking-pastry/baking/bread/basic-baguette-recipe

Recipe I used for focaccia: https://www.saltfatacidheat.com/fat/ligurian-focaccia

Baguette you put in ice cubes on the tray for baking to make it steam to get a darker color. Don’t completely understand why. Baguette had a huge bubble rise in one spot, is that a weak point? Didn’t knead it well in that case. Resting made it taste more salty, though also should have salted a bit more.

Overall texture turned out decent, look was good, taste was okay. Very bland and boring.

Focaccia is 75% hydration, and has honey to feed yeast a bit more and olive oil for flavoring. Primary fermentation is almost a whole day whereas baguette is just two hours. You do a salt brine on top of the dough which is pretty interesting. Don’t completely know why. Focaccia I used half the recipe but then didn’t do half sized pan, so it came out way too thin.

Texture was too crunchy since too thin, look was good, taste was off. Might be because olive oil wasn’t a great one.

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