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Lacto Fermented Mushrooms and Tomatoes

13 Jan 2020

Fermented shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes per recipe from Noma Fermentation book. Tomatoes came out tasting like an over-ripened carbonated tomato. The juice also had over-ripe flavor, but was a good amount of acidic and umami.

Shiitake I put in way too little and there was barely any juice. King oyster mushrooms juice was super umami and tasty. The mushrooms themselves tasted very slimy which was not great.

Tomatoes after puree I used in a tomato sauce. Couldn’t really tell the difference when mixed with actual tomato sauce.

Shiitake I used in a stir fry with cabbage, turned out okay, not huge difference. King oyster mushrooms made a soup and I couldn’t stand the texture, but the soup came out just the right amount of acidic and umami.

The mushroom juice I combined with some cremini mushroom confit oil and fermented tomato juice and put on as dressing for scallops. Tasted quite good.

Also used some tomato juice in a cucumber salad. Couldn’t really taste it.

Used mushroom juice in a pork rib soup and it tasted great! Everyone loved it, very rich and umami.

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