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Mar 2017

Place: Domino’s in Agra

After I recovered from food poisoning, even the sight of Indian food made me gag a little… which was unfortunate given the country we were in. Thankfully, Agra being the most touristiest place made finding other cuisines a breeze. We hit up the Chinese restaurant that all the Asian tour buses stop at, all the fast food joints, all the sweets shops.

Main attraction in Agra is of course the Taj Mahal. Even at 6am there was a line longer than an iPhone launch. It was well worth it though, as you could still see views of the Taj without being surrounded by selfies.

Food: Pizza Burger and Choco Pizza

These were items we’d only seen at Domino’s in India. Pizza burger is basically two pizzas folded together, some oregano spiced on top of one. Some friends and I had concocted something similar to this in high school…

Choco pizza is chocolate and vanilla dough topped with coconut flakes. Tasted brain-meltingly sweet, satisfied all my chocolate cravings for days.

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