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Mar 2017

Place: Jodhpur, the Blue City

This was one of the bluest alleys we could find. Most other parts of the city weren’t as intense, but from a viewpoint the city does indeed look mostly blue. The coloring is from indigo plastered on the walls. We heard multiple theories of why – acts as bug repellant, keeps the buildings cool, worships Lord Shiva. Whatever the reason, it looked awesome and we wanted to hunt down the most colorful spots.

At one point Tommy asked an old man walking by if he knew of a good place to check out, and the old man offered “My house is completely blue, including the inside” and he invited us in to check it out. We accepted his offer and indeed every wall, pillar, ceiling inside was blue. His roof also happened to be one of the highest points in the city and we got some great shots from there. A crazy random happenstance to have encountered this man!

Food: Gulab Jamon

A common dessert all over India, but is particularly a specialty in Jodhpur. It’s pretty much a deep fried ball of condensed milk soaked in sugar syrup. Very very sweet.

Indeed it tasted better here than we’d had elsewhere. The texture was a nice softness, yet it wasn’t too strong of a syrup flavor.

To make it, you roll condensed milk into a ball, then throw it a pre-heated deep fryer. When the balls are in, take the deep fryer off the heat and spin it to keep the balls from sticking to it / each other. The residual heat should be enough to cook them.

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